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Review MouldKing 13139 Wing Body Truck

Brand/Item No.: Moulding 13139 Category: Mouldking Technic Number of particles: 4166 PCS Power unit: Bluetooth lithium battery × 2 / servo motor × 1 / XL motor

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We always update and provide genuine, best-selling products in the world, typically in developed countries such as Singapore, Japan. Japanese, Korean, American … with international standard quality and reasonable price … Shop now at BrickLepin.com !

What is LEPIN?

Almost 100% of boys (girls) like puzzle games. My baby too, you can sit for hours, patiently, focus 100% on the puzzles. For me that is great, because at that time playing is not only playing, but also training fine motor skills, concentration ability, creativity, thought-provoking about cubes, spatial geometry, imagination, stimulate conquest to overcome difficulties, … stay away from televisions, electronic devices.

This is also the game for parents to be able to play with the baby for the longest and most enjoyable time.

– But to buy a Moc item from 500 pieces or more, the price is not small, but usually the kids finish building the model. So I would like to introduce a quality brand like Moc that costs only 1/3, 1/4. 

Our products are diverse and complete, very compatible with MOC, ie our pieces can be mounted with Moc pieces. In particular, the production material of Our is ABS PLASTIC – SAFE for SMALL CHILDREN.

We has a full line of products like MOCs

A puzzle is always a great choice to give gifts to babies on all occasions of the year, is also a reward that every child loves..

An overview of us

Along with the trend of developing safe, educational toys that help children develop their intelligence, Wefocuses on researching and manufacturing Moc compatible puzzles for children over 5 years old with Good quality, cheap price – affordable. 

Our jigsaw toys are sold around the world and are highly appreciated by the Moc puzzle community. Lepin is a company that is constantly updating its latest Moc-style assemblies. Therefore, Our store is regularly present in the Internet exchanges about building and assembling Moc. 

Over time, We has been firmly formed based on the trust of “Moc craftsmen” in both quantity and quality of assembled models. Now Lepin has become the largest maker of Moc-style assemblies in the world, and second only to Moc.

We introduce and retail the latest Moc-compatible jigsaw models with the cheapest price for consumers.

We also distributes, wholesales and wholesales to dealers who need an abundant source of safe toys, stable and good prices.

Characteristics of Our assembly puzzles

The colors of the our assembling blocks are amazingly beautiful, pure, impeccable! Color quality topped the charts and comparable to genuine Moc. our assembly blocks made of pure ABS plastic are safe for children, free of harmful substances, durable under physical effects (cars running through the stars), fast color over time and temperature ( hot water washing is okay) similar to genuine Moc. The puzzle pieces, blocks of the same size, plastic thickness, are completely mixed and compatible, completely mixed with Moc with a shiny surface, no excess plastic, no sharp edges.

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