The Ghibli Costumes For Halloween 2019

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For Studio Ghibli lovers, the best holiday to show their love to the animation studio is Halloween. While some may think that the only outfit accepted is Totoro or No Face, there are many other characters that have been modeled for the best Halloween ever. If you love anything related to Studio Ghibli, look ahead to get inspiration from what other fans have created.

1. Grey Totoro Onesie For All Ages

ghibli halloween 2019 - BRICK LEPIN
Perhaps the most charming and young Studio Ghibli (but NOT childish) is My Neighbor Totoro. Satsuki and Mei move to a country house with their father to get closer to their mother, who is recovering from a disease. Totoro, the God of the Forest, befriend the girls and keep them safe.
And who is Totoro? He is a great forest god! He protected trees and wildlife and he also kept an eye on the girls.
Wear this outfit, cosplay Totoro and bring many spells to your Halloween party
You can buy it here

2. Totoro Cosplay Costumes Coral Fleece Blanket

ghibli halloween 2019 2 - BRICK LEPIN
Another choice for those who want to cosplay Totoro. This soft gown will make you both mysterious and cute. It would be great if you go to the Halloween party and put on this gown.
You can buy it here

3. 3pcs Anime Cosplay No Face Man

ghibli halloween 2019 3 - BRICK LEPIN
No Face is probably one of the most anticipated characters in the Halloween party
Included in this well-made outfit are gowns, plastic masks and smooth gloves (so you can throw gold).
With this funny Cosplay costume like this, you will be launched in Conventions to take photos but you are safely hidden behind the cloak and mask!
You can buy it here

4. Spirited Away Chihiro Cosplay

ghibli halloween 2019 4 - BRICK LEPIN
Spirited Away is a story about Sen, a young girl caught up in the Spirit world when her parents are imprisoned. She found a job in the spirit bath with Haku’s help. The bath is a strange place, visited by Spirits all night.
As difficult as the job of Sen learning how strong and capable she is, finally being able to rescue her parents and go home.
If you’re a Spirited Away fan, the Chihiro cosplay costume is a great choice for you.
You can buy it here

5. Classic Spirited Away White Dragon Haku Cosplay

ghibli halloween 2019 5 - BRICK LEPIN
This Haku cosplay costume is really suitable for those who are fans of Haku and Chihiro couples. Especially, if you have a group of 3 friends, the trio of Chihiro, Haku, No Face will create a wonderful effect.
You can buy it here

6. New Kiki’s Delivery Service Kiki Cosplay Dress

ghibli halloween 2019 6 - BRICK LEPIN
Kiki is a young sorcerer who went on her own (with Jiji cat) to find his position in the world. Her talent is flying so she sets up a delivery service.
When she began to doubt herself, she lost her ability, but fortunately, when her friend was in danger, she regained them!
With a very simple dark dress and a bright red bow, you can become a perfect KIKI! Add a broom, and can carry a stuffed Jiji to complete the interface.
You can buy it here
Hiyao Miyazaki made some of my favorite movies of all time. Movies like Spirited Away, Howl’s Castle, Kiki Delivery Service, and of course, My Neighbor Totoro. The stories are great, and I love the characters! Dressing up as one of Studio’s Ghibli Characters will be great for Halloween.
Read our article and create a Ghibli Halloween party!
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