JJBA: How Would You Classify Stands?

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Stand is an entity psychically generated by its proprietor, known asStand PersonThere are about 165 Stands on this collection and they’re divided into 3 teams:

1. When it comes to skills

2. When it comes to appearances

3. Different particular classifications


1. When it comes to skills

a. Shut preventing Stands

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These Stands, that are recognized for his or her sturdy and quick assault capacity, rank at C to A stage. They can perform actions that require excessive precision, so their proprietor must be in direct command. The attribute of those Stands should be in a small house to the Stand Customers. The house owners of the Shut preventing Stands typically choose to go head-to-head with their opponents, permitting their Stand\’s overwhelming energy to maximise. Nevertheless, they’ve problem with opponents who’re out of vary or in hiding.

ExamplesStar Platinum, Silver Chariot, Loopy Diamond,

b. Lengthy-range Stands

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These Stands are decided with an assault vary higher than common. Some long-range Stands may be a number of kilometers away from their proprietor, so that they normally rank A or B stage. Moreover, the customers can command their actions with nice precision. Then again, there’s a hyperlink between the proprietor and their Stand, so if the Stand is injured, it additionally damages its proprietor. Most of those Stands are not appropriate for bodily duel fight with others\’.

Examples: Lovers, Echoes, Aerosmith,…

c. Automated Stands

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An computerized Stand is the Stand that does not obey the instructions of its proprietor, however operates robotically by means of preset directions. Most Automated Stands are separated from their proprietor, so damaging the Stands is not going to harm their proprietor and generally the proprietor just isn’t conscious of their Stand\’s standing. These Stands have two differing kindsthe long-range computerized standsthe automated stands run even after their proprietor died.

Examples: Killer Queen, Marilyn Manson, Yo-Yo Ma,…

2. When it comes to appearances

a. Pure Humanoid Stands

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These Stands have a humanoid form with bodily traits that permit them to categorical feelingsPure Humanoid Stands typically carry out duties that require dexterity similar to holding one thing and, if sturdy sufficient, they will wrestle with their palms and toes.

Examples: Star Platinum, Magician\’s Crimson, Loopy Diamond, Heaven\’s Door,…

b. Synthetic Humanoid Stands

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Regardless of having a humanoid physique, these Stands personal a synthetic or mechanical look that differentiates them from pure humanoid Stands. They seem like dolls, robots or androids. Their eyes are normally robotic\’s eyes so that they don’t categorical feelings and neither do their mouths. Their features are much like the Pure Humanoid Stands\’.

Examples: Silver Chariot, Stone Free, Kiss, Whitesnake, The World, Ebony Satan,…

c. Pure Non-Humanoid Stands

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The sort of Stands doesn’t look like human however resemble organisms that stay in nature together with fundamental organisms similar to animals and vegetation. Some Stands can combat with their fangs or claws. Pure Non-Humanoid Stands have loads of appearances and do not share any normal features.

Examples: Hermit Purple, Tower of Grey, Yellow Temperance, Justice,…

d. Synthetic Non-Humanoid Stands

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They’re like instruments, objects, mechanics, autosA few of these Stands are the sorts of becoming a member of non-humanoid shapes and require the person to carry them when getting used. These Stands are not appropriate for direct confrontation and are fairly dangerous at defending the person.

Examples: Power, Emperor, Burning Down the Home, Freeway to Hell,…

e. Phenomenon

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These Stands could not have appearances or seem like supernatural phenomenons.

Instance: Tohth, Khnum, Tenore Sax, Love Deluxe, Achtung Child,…

3. Different particular classifications

a. United Stands

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They’re Stands which are related to a tangible type similar to a automobile or a doll, so odd folks can see them. As a normal rule, the bigger the item related to the Stand, the stronger the Stand is. All of those Stands are simply confused with regular objects thus permitting their proprietor to ambush an enemy.

ExamplesPower, Wheel of Fortune, Tremendous Fly,…

b. Army Stands

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These Stands are armies, every of which may operate solely by itself however their energy is split. The larger the variety of items within the military is, the much less harm is transferred to the Stand customers when a unit is broken. The army Stands can be used to overwhelm enemies from many alternative instructions.

Examples: Survivor, Unhealthy Firm, Harvest…

c. Evolutionary Stands

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Some Stands are chosen to endure pure transformation and evolution to develop into stronger.

Examples: Killer Queen, Made in Heaven, C-Moon,…

d. Perceivable Stands

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Though a lot of the Stands don’t present any persona, there are some Stands with a way of separation from their house owners. They’ll supposeanalyze the environmentconverse with their house owners, and give them a bit of recommendation or feedback on their actions.

ExamplesAerosmith, Spice Lady, Yo-Yo Ma,…

e. Shared Stands

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These Stands are uncommon instances during which they might have multiple proprietor or be capable of change their proprietor.

ExamplesAerosmith, Low-cost Trick, and Tomb of the Increase,…

In JoJo’s Weird Journey collection, every Stand person owns a particular Stand. Figuring out learn how to classify the number of these Stands will make you extra crazier about the entire collection.

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