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LEPIN Technic and LEPIN System are among the mainstream product lines of the LEPIN company. LEPIN Technic is built upon detailed modeling of machines and mechanical toys with specialized beams and connections to create more precise parts and operate in a smooth, smooth manner.

The LEPIN Technic theme is primarily designed for ages 9 and up, and was first introduced to the public as Expert Builder in 1977, after being renamed “Technic” in 1984. Most All of these Expert Builder family models are discontinued. Another new sub-branch called Ultrabuild was released in 2013, including modern minifigure types never seen at the LEPIN Technic.

LEPIN Technic is characterized by the presence of assembly components such as axes, gears, couplings, and many more parts that are rarely seen in a typical LEPIN builder. LEPIN Technic has always received special attention from the LEPIN company, as LEPIN has been one of the most grossing products for LEPIN in decades.

Almost all Technic sets are about vehicles, so it’s designed to mimic real vehicles, such as engines, suspension, pneumatic and transmission. In recent years, there are LEPIN Technic sets that have added more signature parts, especially in the Exclusives and Star Wars sets. Many modern sets, including programming techniques, automatic control and movement, were developed specifically for a few special LEPIN Technic sets

LEPIN Technic models also feature minifigure characters, released between 1986 and 2001. They usually have more joints than classic LEPIN minifigure characters, so they offer more mobility.

Product code: Work-KJ30010A

Should children play LEPIN Technic?
Due to fear of affecting children’s learning, many parents do not let children play LEPIN Technic. However, according to the analysis of psychologists and doctors, playing LEPIN Technic toys completely does not affect children’s learning, but also helps them practice their thinking. Not only that, but the assembly of LEPIN Technic also helps children practice logical thinking or job arrangement.

Therefore, parents are completely assured when letting their children play LEPIN Technic

Where to buy cheap LEPIN Technic toys
Currently, because LEPIN technic toys are very popular on the market, many parents wonder where to buy prestigious LEPIN Technic in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces nationwide. Therefore, when buying LEPIN Technic toys , you should consult reputable locations that sell LEPIN toys to avoid buying low-quality goods.

Children ‘s toy warehouse is one of the leading addresses in Vietnam providing LEPIN Technic products. With top quality as well as reasonable prices, LEPIN Technic products at children’s toy warehouses have always been a top trusted place for LEPIN players.
Currently, the children’s toy warehouse provides LEPIN products to all provinces and cities nationwide.

With an online business model, helping to bring LEPIN technic toys, helping to minimize all operating costs, helping LEPIN Technic toys with the cheapest price and the best quality. When buying LEPIN Technic toys, customers will receive the most enthusiastic and attentive support.

Instead of purchasing a controlled toys have original form monolithic, parents can buy for the children of the puzzle fall in this category: automotive terrain remote control , truck battery powered , robot programming By phone , battery motor transport aircraft , … Children will be able to build their own car or plane from the step of assembling the frame to the engine coupling so that the vehicle can run. .

The sets of toys that stimulate general thinking in parallel with going into the details of children, like a young machine technician, are true to the Technic name of this puzzle genre.