LEPIN 05126 First Oder Heavy Scout Walker | Star Wars |


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LEPIN 05126 First Oder Heavy Scout Walker | Star Wars |


620 Pcs

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LEPIN 05126 First Oder Heavy Scout Walker | Star Wars |

Star Wars  /  620 pieces

LEPIN 05126 First Oder Heavy Scout Walker  is a Star Wars set echoes LEGO 75177 of the same name and is LEGO compatible building block set. The set consists of 620 pieces and is designed for kids aged from 6 above. This LEPIN 05126 First Oder Heavy Scout Walker includes the following:

  • Inside the armored cabin, located on top, there are two chairs, appliances control panel appliances. The driver and gunner get into it through the glass hatch.
  • From the outside, near the cabin, all the walking armament of the walker is concentrated, which can protect it during transitions. Powerful arsenal consists of:
  • Two laser guns with protective shields that are mounted on the front side;
  • A pair of rocket launchers on the spring mechanism – they are installed on the sides. The bases they have are turning, which allows during the game, if necessary, to change the angle of inclination for more accurate missile guidance on the enemy equipment.
  • This is a 100% LEGO compatible knock off Star Wars set.
  • This is a 100% LEGO replica knock off building blocks and bricks set from LEPIN.

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Item No. 05126 75177
Ages 6+ 6+
Pieces 620 554
Packing No Original Box No Original Box
Instruction Yes Yes
Origin Made In China Made in Denmark
Order Process 3-5 Work Days N/A
Shipping 10-15 Work Days N/A
Known Discrepancy None None


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    Very fast, complete and good quality

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    Everything was perfect, just pay attention to the carrier who left the package at the sight of all because my entrance leads directly to the street!

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