Review LED LIGHT LEPIN 06060 Garma Mecha Man

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✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 06060

✔Compatible: MOC 70613

✔Pieces: 1806

✔Ages: 8-14  years and above

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There are a total of 46 light strips…

20181017 000340 000 large - BRICK LEPIN

Since the  Vonado is the foundry of the well-known brand , the quality of the lamp group is absolutely guaranteed.

20181017 000340 001 70dc53d5 892b 4e7a 8747 c704865a411c large - BRICK LEPIN

This double-sided pad is a bit thick and will cause some difficulty when installed.

20181017 000340 002 db4d5b12 3ca5 440e b36d 6feb634f25cb large - BRICK LEPIN

After nearly three hours of installation, the beautiful Ninja City finally appeared!

20181017 000340 003 large - BRICK LEPIN

Detail image

20181017 000340 004 large - BRICK LEPIN

Lights were added to each room, and the details in the room immediately became apparent.

20181017 000340 005 large - BRICK LEPIN

The combination of Cyberpunk and lights has an indescribable appeal!

20181017 000340 006 large - BRICK LEPIN

20181017 000340 007 large - BRICK LEPIN

20181017 000340 008 large - BRICK LEPIN

The dark light emitted by the plum blossoms seems to see the flowers!

20181017 000340 009 large - BRICK LEPIN

The top including the puffer fish decoration can also shine!

20181017 000340 010 large - BRICK LEPIN

The ” washing machine ” top light is flashing and not taken.

20181017 000340 011 large - BRICK LEPIN

to sum up

Because of the top design of Ninja City itself, the addition of the light group is simply more powerful. This static building plus lights is a perfect match!

Because the lamp set is modular, the installation process is relatively simple, and the whole set of Ninja City lights only need a set of power supply is praise!

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