Review LEPIN 05038 Sandcrawler – UCS – Compatible MOC 75059

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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Sandcrawler – UCS
  • No.: 05038
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 3346
  • Ages: 14+

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Since I’ve already read from some who have ordered the Lepin Sandcrawler, but have not yet found a review, I’ll give my mustard time. Maybe one or the other is considering and I can influence him a little with this; the crazy part belongs to mmn in / on every shelf! 😉
Sure, some here will call him in the original her own, but I want to omit here only about the LepinVariante.Mir is well aware that you probably still get it in the original, but I’m not ready to pay its price and do not want here “Buy Moc if still available” start discussion. Everyone buys what he wants!
Found the thing always rough and brute designed and by Lepin I had to have him now.

Ordered I have a member here in the forum, which has contacts to the Far East. Folded easily!
Quality of the stones : As usual … clamping force is ok, not like the Danes, but everything holds.
Quality of the stickers : all right. Find them better in this set than eg the Orthanc.
Quality of the Figs : Super. Unfortunately, I could not complete the little white droid, because not like the original “small pistols” to attach the white arms enclosed. It’s just the well-known knife-pistol grenade frame and these pistols can not pinch in place because too thick. But I personally think that’s not bad at all.

Missing parts : A frame part in the front of the flap and the “pistols” parts, otherwise nothing was missing and a little odds and ends remained.

Construction : Just have fun! Inside, a lot of technology is installed, which is then usable / playable. The outer panels are also fun, especially because of the unusual design of the vehicle. Personally the best I liked the butt ; the greebling there is just fancy!The chains are running, control is working well and the plates are holding up well. Only the side parts in front, which you can fold up, just do not stay up but sink quickly. That will probably be different with the original, I think.

Conclusion : great. To buy. Class. Sand people should have the thing in sight.
It really makes a difference in size, is super playable (only comes the EwokVillage) and is really fun to build.

Let pictures speak:

05038.1 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.2 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.3 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.4 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.5 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.6 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.7 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.8 - BRICK LEPIN

05038.9 - BRICK LEPIN 05038.10 - BRICK LEPIN

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