Review LEPIN 05113 The Arrow Head – Compatible with LEGO 75186

Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 05113

✔Compatible: LEGO75186

✔Pieces: 800

✔Ages: 9 years and above

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Box photo front and back

The main characters are Zander and Cordy

The inner box is somewhat pressed, and the effect is not big.

The manual is very large, I hope the color difference will not be very large

Seeing the sticker again, you can see that the color difference will be great…

There are subcontracts, subcontracting 1

The first package is Bai Bing and a Mon Calamari who is called Quarry. It can be seen that this Mon Calamari head is different from the original and should be replaced.

Complete a small boat or a weapon

Complete a framework for the fighter plane

Subcontract 2

Continue to consolidate the chassis, there is no problem with the bricks

Subcontracting 3

Found a rare part, I don’t know if it’s the first time


a weapon that is not very powerful

The fighter plane first saw the shape

Subcontract 4

Fighter right wing

Subcontract 5

Male Zander and a B1 model family robot R0-GR

Subcontracting 6

The transparent parts are separately packaged again, which is a better point to do, which can effectively reduce the scratches of the transparent parts.

Transparent parts are very transparent, I hope that they will not be broken during installation.

The fighter is finished

The power source of the fighter plane

This sticker will be there.

The nose can be active, and the warhead can be released during the battle.

The propeller is relatively stingy, but this kind of fighter must not be compared with the ship.

Last family portrait

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