Review LEPIN 07051 The Scuttler – Compatible with MOC 70908

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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name:The Scuttler
  • No.: 07056
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 805
  • Ages: 9+

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Something about the set

Ride The Scuttler with Batman to rescue hostages taken by The Joker at Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party. The highly posable Scuttler features a net shooter, six stud shooters, extendable arms, an opening minifigure cockpit and hidden jetpack for Batman. Batman is also equipped with a Batarang to take on The Joker, Poison Ivy and her vine monster. Includes six minifigures.

  • Includes six minifigures: Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson
  • The Scuttler features a fully posable head, adjustable ears, opening minifigure cockpit and two stud shooters, hidden jetpack for Batman, net shooter, extendable arms each with dual stud shooters, and posable joints.
  • Also includes Poison Ivy’s vine monster with posable vines.
  • Weapons include Batman’s two Batarangs, The Joker’s pop gun and Commissioner Gordon’s gun.
  • Accessory elements include Batman’s cape and new-for-spring-2017 molded utility belt, The Joker’s special purple coat-tail, Dick Grayson’s bow tie and Poison Ivy’s skirt and two vines.

Some Reviews

There are a total of 22 bags ~ That
is a reasonable number of bags not too much or small ~
The number of identical bags will be a group

image 1879614301502671070351 - BRICK LEPIN

I’m looking at the manual instruction

image 7787187791502671070352 - BRICK LEPIN

Only one
sticker on the front of the INS

image 6317304561502671070352 - BRICK LEPIN

Get started now!

image 3714294201502671070353 - BRICK LEPIN

Pocket 1 has 2 minifingers Batman and Robin

image 1101206571502671070353 - BRICK LEPIN

I also make a skirler ~

image 1834726911502671070353 1 - BRICK LEPIN

No. 2 has three bags

image 2607383961502671070354 - BRICK LEPIN

Rather strange
There are three bags, but I do not have a miffy so I looked around and discovered an unmarked bag

image 2374380031502671070354 - BRICK LEPIN image 6232533921502671070354 - BRICK LEPIN

No. 3 has 2 bags

20170814 221943 - BRICK LEPIN 20170814 223211 - BRICK LEPIN

Barbara Gordon’s arm is in the third bag, but
Perhaps due to the printing problem, the Joker’s head is Joker of the Bakkman film.

There are also two bags at number four.
Assemble the skatller in earnest ~

20170814 223237 - BRICK LEPIN 20170814 224017 - BRICK LEPIN

continue to No. 5 has two bags

20170814 224045 - BRICK LEPIN 20170814 224743 - BRICK LEPIN

6 is a total of three bags ~

20170814 224840 1 - BRICK LEPIN 20170814 224941 1 - BRICK LEPIN 20170814 230230 1 - BRICK LEPIN

I had to reassemble it six times#.#
Number 7 is three bags
and another bag. (Finally, that extra bag does not have a number.)20170814 230300 - BRICK LEPIN 20170814 231753 - BRICK LEPIN
Finished ~ !!!
The latest product of Reptin is very pleased
There are 6 characters and I like Batman most
Everything is great ^^
20170814 231815 - BRICK LEPIN

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