Review LEPIN 07056 The Scuttler – Compatible LEGO 70908

Original information

  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: The Scuttler
  • No.: 07056
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 805
  • Ages: 9-14

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Review LEPIN 07056 The Scuttler – Compatible LEGO 70908

Box photo

It’s a child who looks so sweet.

There are 22 bags in total. It is a modest number of bags that are not too big or too small. The bags are numbered. There are three things that are not attached.

Instruction manual

In front of instruction


Assembly process

Start right

At number 1

Batman and Robin’s Miffy is on it

Right next 2

The second bag is 3 pieces

Strangely, there are three bags. I did not find Miffy. I’m out of numbers!

Completed up to 2 times, Gordon Detective Miffy is in there. Just a little bit soon? I think I can make it. Batman is also ~! I will not let you down.

Three bags are two

The third bag contains one more Barbara Gordon’s hand. Maybe it’s because of the printing malfunction.

There are also two bags in No. 4. Assemble in earnest.


This part is not the front but the back. 5 is also 2 bags

It’s the same as the previous one. This part is in front of me

I finished up to six. It looks like the figure is set

No. 7 three bags . And there is one more numberless bag ~ (after all, it is extra bag without the number

Completed ~ !!!

Lepin’s products have been very satisfied recently. It is almost similar to Lego ~

Also, Batman is also a jewel!

I’ll post a detailed review later.

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