Review LEPIN 07060 Super Escort The Tumbler – Compatible LEGO 76023

Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 07060

✔Compatible: LEGO 76023

✔Pieces: 1969

✔Ages: 16 years and above

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Bought this set from bricklepin using the discount for this group. Almost 10 days to my home, well packaged, good communication. Everything fine in this aspect.

When I opened the box I found that there were no rims there (and I need 6 for the Tumbler) but I begun the built just to test the new Lepin models (numbered bags, no missing pieces, etc).

The color (the black in particular) is simply perfect. No scratches anywhere, and the most important is that the transparent bricks were… transparent! The overall feeling is that you are building Lego, that´s what I mean.

About the missing rims: Well, I´ve asked the seller to send me the rims so I can finish the model and they sent me the missing pieces. That’s good!

Wheels: Well those are a usual concern with lepin. I think the front ones are good enough but the 4 back wheels are quite odd. Pure plastic; hard as steel. But it´s ok with me as this will be a display model.

Final result: If someone is thinking about getting this set, simply don´t think anything more. The building experience is simply great. I found this different from almost everything I´ve ever built. Maybe because of the weird angles of the armor. Maybe because it´s a Batman tank/car. I don´t know really. All I can say is I think I should have bought this when it came the Lego original some years ago.

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