Review LEPIN 15007 Market Street – Compatible MOC 10190

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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Market Street
  • No.: 15007
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1275
  • Ages: 10+

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rv15007.1 - BRICK LEPIN

Instruction: one piece!
This is what it looks like ~~ ^^

rv15007.2 - BRICK LEPIN

Unlike the previous modular, it can be split in half. As shown in the instruction, proceed from the left!

rv15007.3 - BRICK LEPIN

rv15007.4 - BRICK LEPIN rv15007.5 - BRICK LEPIN

Left finished!

Unlike the previous modular

It looks like it’s being built right now.

Then right on the right!

rv15007.6 - BRICK LEPIN

Take a right to the right. Suddenly the contact came. I’m out!

I want to finish it soon. The block looks really pretty!

It’s the right part.

rv15007.7 - BRICK LEPIN

rv15007.8 - BRICK LEPIN

I am going to make all improvements and proceed.rv15007.9 - BRICK LEPIN

Now I have only the top left. Cover only the lid! I have not missed yet!

rv15007.10 - BRICK LEPIN

Completely finished.

You can see that there is almost no interior. There are stairs.
It is so beautiful to finish it! Even with modular. It’s okay enough
But there are not enough places
It’s still good.

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