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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: The Rivendell Museum of Natural History
  • No.: 15015
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 5003
  • Ages: 16+

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Something about the set

  • We all love the Creator series, the modular line in particular. One of the things I felt was lacking in the selection of buildings was some culture. This building also offers a more “modern” design aesthetic. It’s on an extra large base plate (48×48), but the sidewalk and building fronts line up with the other modulars in the official line.
  • The suspended atrium at the front.The first floor contains dinosaurs, bone and claw display cases, a hanging garden, and a gift shop.
  • The second floor contains numerous displays, including weapons and armor, gems, a terrarium, an early man exhibit, and several skeletal exhibits.

Some Reviews

Since it’s so big, I have to decide

Now is the time to start.

And as every other set begins with a guidebook

376cda9f c42b 4f8e 96f1 8b35a8edc858 - BRICK LEPIN

There is also a revision in

20170210 073321 - BRICK LEPIN

The base plate is very large.

Super large size

let’s work diligently!

20170211 101624 2 - BRICK LEPIN

20170212 002812 2 - BRICK LEPIN

20170212 232737 1 - BRICK LEPIN

bricks transparency ind

I changed to white

By the way I use a transparent 1×4 tile

so instead

20170212 232742 - BRICK LEPIN

I want to shoot some pictures inside the room.

20170212 232752 - BRICK LEPIN 20170212 232801 - BRICK LEPIN

I still have a long way to go……

1 week elapsed….

… a white feeling Scorched
Finished this work. 2×2 tribal bricks are a common mistake, so I do not think you can explain it anymore.

Add a review a day? I will
Try to write a detailed review, but … I have achieved my accomplishment.

20170220 231801 - BRICK LEPIN 20170220 231807 - BRICK LEPIN 20170220 231839 - BRICK LEPIN

I still think I should take the finished work.

I tried to take it.

The size is huge.4 times the feel of modular usually.Fatigue is 40 timesFatigue of missing 400 times.The last missing was Miffy.I finally made Miffy.That’s what you are.There was a figure with only two right legs.I put white which is left in a hurry.

I must understand it as MOC …

It’s MOC …

I am sure this modular is perfect size.


I will leave a detailed review ~

(Because the inside is too big …. heh)

I I will rest and start again ~!^^


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