Review LEPIN 15018 International Sunshine Hotel – MOC [ PART 1]

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✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 15018

✔Compatible: MOC


✔Ages: 14 years and above

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Designed by a fan back in 2010, the Lepin Sunshine Hotel will bring rays of light into your modular city with its bright and cheerful exterior. This modular building is modeled after the French Rococo style with some Eastern European flourishes. With light blue and gold highlights from street level all the way to the roof, this corner hotel features three street side entrances into its luxurious lobby. Inside, visiting minifigures will see a grand chandelier and a beautiful tiled floor in orange, yellow, black, and white. The middle two floors feature a total of four hotel rooms, with beds, dressers, and lamps.The rooftop features ample room for a terrace and viewing platform, from which minifigures can look out over your modular city and take in the view. With it’s French styling, the Sunshine Hotel would be a perfect complement to the Parisian Cafe (and any other modular buildings).

2review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

3review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN


Includes movable entrances with flowers and bushes, windows, furnitures, reception desk, creative lamp, staircase that goes to the second

floor, hallway, chimneys and many detailed elements.

4review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

5review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

9review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

8review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

6review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

7review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

11review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

12review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

Contains 7 minifigures

10review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

13review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

14review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

1review lepin 15018 - BRICK LEPIN

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