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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name:The Sunshine Hotel
  • No.: 15018
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 3196
  • Ages: 16+

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Something about the set

  • Welcome your international travelers to relaxation and extraordinary comfort with this premium Cafe Corner style modular design featuring a Rococo style of architecture influenced by French art with an Eastern European Flair. The hotel is 4 modular floors with 4 entrances, 2 classic street lamps and splashes of gold ornaments from the main entrance to the roof.

Some Reviews

Lepin 15018 MOC International Hotel
I have started fitting it for a long time ~!

start a module! MOC is an international hotel. Shipping is a little getting geonneun try to make only now I will inspire ~ looks similar to the usual pins Modular

And as every other set begins with a guidebook

image 2367853031491800650986 1 - BRICK LEPIN

Just stopped me taking some pictures^-^

The building has a total of three floors

There are a total of seven Minìingers ~

2 behind the second floor is used in the outer wall

image 5629710771491800650986 - BRICK LEPIN image 7431478951491800650987 - BRICK LEPIN

MOC is different from ordinary modular floor tiles

image 5181711021491800650987 - BRICK LEPIN

1st floor finished ~!

image 9874470001491800650988 - BRICK LEPIN image 7007934231491800650988 - BRICK LEPIN

I started on the second floor.

From the second floor looks like a hotel bed
2 beds of two

image 7932796681491800650988 - BRICK LEPINimage 2477690941491800650989 - BRICK LEPIN

5 days passed …

And I DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike MOC
Previously, the module size of the existing assembly and interesting.

20170412 230713 - BRICK LEPIN

Appearance is good enough to be modular even if it is normal ~!

I take pictures on each side ~

20170412 230722 - BRICK LEPIN 20170412 230732 - BRICK LEPIN 20170412 230740 - BRICK LEPIN 20170412 230752 - BRICK LEPIN

Now let’s go into the actual internal ~~ Heh
from the first floor look

20170412 230854 - BRICK LEPIN 20170412 230903 - BRICK LEPIN

20170412 230925 - BRICK LEPIN

There is a problem on the second floor

It fit in with the instincts part like the picture below, but when I actually do it, I have a gap. Fortunately, it does not affect appearance.

20170412 230931 - BRICK LEPIN 20170412 230935 - BRICK LEPIN

Now on the third floor!
It really resembles the second floor.Unlike MOC, floor tiles are not mounted.

20170412 230957 - BRICK LEPIN

20170412 231039 - BRICK LEPIN 20170412 231045 - BRICK LEPIN

If you only have modules,
Why not try one of the international hotels in MOC. Dimensions are similar to modules and I recommend personal use. There is a shortage inside, but it is still very well and good ^^

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