Review LEPIN 15037 Creator Expert Downtown Diner – Compatible with MOC 10260

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✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 15037

✔Compatible: MOC 10260 (Retired)

✔Pieces: 2778

✔Ages: 14 years and above

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Drop in at the LEPIN® Creator Expert 15037 Downtown Diner, in which you are going to find a wholesome portion of surprises and fun. This beautiful model includes removable construction sections for easy accessibility to the highly detailed inside, which includes a diner in 1950s style with a red bar stools, large curved front window, jukebox, counter along with a open-plan kitchen. The second floor includes a fitness center with boxing ring, weight exercise room and punching bag, while to the third floor you’ll discover a complete with vocal booth, recording studio, mixing desk and a refreshments cupboard. This building’s facade includes Streamline Moderne styling with a big ‘DINER’ signal. Other external features include balconies, arched windows and a stairs, and a pink convertible automobile and a in depth pavement, finish with mail, parking meter, flowerpots and a streetlamp. This unbelievable classic toy was designed to give a rewarding and challenging construction experience with a little nostalgia and appeal.

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Contains 6 minifigures: a chef, waitress, boxer, rockstar, director and a Realtor.

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The first floor includes downtown American diner in 1950s style with red barstools, a large curved front window, chairs, candy machine, jukebox, counter, two pop tops, a kitchen plus a coffee machine, a stove hood and cooker.

image 7 - BRICK LEPIN image 8 - BRICK LEPIN image 9 - BRICK LEPIN image 10 - BRICK LEPIN

The second floor includes a recording studio with soundproofed walls, vocal booth, a refreshments cupboard and mixing desk

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Downtown Diner measures over 13” (34cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep.

image 24 - BRICK LEPIN img 1540 - BRICK LEPIN

This was a brilliant set to build. Each page of the instruction manual held new surprises in store. For those who design MOCs, there are some clever building techniques in the Diner which one could use in their own creations. The Art Deco jukebox-shaped tower of teal, white, and pink is striking for its unique appearance in a brick modular layout, especially for its contrast to the more classical designs. I’m thinking that when I get the Brick Bank modular, these two would look nice on a city block together.

I encountered only two minor problems. One was a quality control matter: the gym lady’s left leg was loose, but a quick application of clear nail polish to the leg-stud on the hip piece solved that easily. The second was more of an issue with the design: the set as built has only one stud on the right side holding the roof in place. I simply substituted a stud plate in place of a tile to help make the roof a bit sturdier. Neither of these was a show-stopper, or anywhere close.

I’d highly recommend the Downtown Diner to anyone with a love of late Art Deco/Streamline Moderne architecture, modular buildings, or 1950’s Americana culture. This was by far one of my favorite builds. The exquisite decor in the interiors, as well as the iron spiral staircase in the back, shows a pleasing attention to detail.

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