Review Lepin 16007 Haunted House – Compatible with Lego 10228

Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 16007

✔Compatible: LEGO 10228

✔Pieces: 2141

✔Ages: 14 years and above



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Box of Lepin Monster Warrior Haunted House

Box of Lepin 16007 Haunted House

Parts are sorted based on the similarity.

Lepin 16007 Haunted House Open box

Stickers quality aren’t good.

Lepin 16007d

Applied stickers on to the tiles and you could see through them.

Lepin 16007e

Nice wooden printed parts.

Lepin 16007f

All the minifigures and accessories.

Lepin 16007g

Completed 16007 Haunted House from Lepin. Ignore the Lego sets in the background.

Lepin 16007 Haunted House CompleteLepin 16007_3

View from the roof top.Lepin 16007_8

View from the back.Lepin 16007_7

The Haunted House can be opened in half and that increase the play ability.Lepin 16007 Haunted House

Different floors of the house with accessories and fittings.

Lepin 16007_6Lepin 16007_5Lepin 16007 Haunted House

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