Review LEPIN 16009 Pireites of the Cairibbeen Red Anne’s Counter Attack compatible lego 4195 [ PART 1]

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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Pireites of the Cairibbeen Red Anne’s Counter Attack
  • No.: 16009
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1151
  • Ages: 9-16

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[ux_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN5OvpJKxbI&t=3s”]
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Box photo

16009.1 - BRICK LEPIN

Dense glossy cardboard, the picture is a sight!


16009.2 - BRICK LEPIN

I’ll make one by one.

I made miffy later.

I’ll take Miffy pictures later.

16009.3 - BRICK LEPIN

The artillery has been modified compared to the black pearl.

16009.4 - BRICK LEPIN

Start body ship

16009.5 - BRICK LEPIN 16009.6 - BRICK LEPIN 16009.7 - BRICK LEPIN 16009.8 - BRICK LEPIN

I finished the bottom part of the boat! The cannon door has a sticker attached.

16009.9 - BRICK LEPIN

I’ll put it on the base again, and I’ll make it.

16009.10 - BRICK LEPIN

Create underpants and make a trail

Sticking stickers.

16009.11 - BRICK LEPIN

16009.11 1 - BRICK LEPIN 16009.12 - BRICK LEPIN

We have progressed so far.

It’s a little longer than black pals. I’ll review the comparison later

It’s been a while now and I want to finish it soon

Queen Anne’s revenge!

Recommended recommendation!

I will do my best

16009.13 - BRICK LEPIN

Finished! Miffy’s a total of seven. Miffy has also increased in Black Pearl

16009.14 - BRICK LEPIN

It’s definitely pretty. I have not heard of the government warship, which is still the end king of the Bass Leeds. Satisfaction is very high.

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