Review LEPIN 16016 Pirates Of The Caribbean Flying Dutchman (MOC)

Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 16016

✔Compatible: LEGO MOC

✔Pieces: 3652

✔Ages: 12 years and above

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Dominate the high seas with the ghostly LEPIN Flying Dutchman! The mythical Flying Dutchman is a ghost boat that cannot make port and could be doomed to sail the seas forever. The legendary Flying Dutchman is able to destroy any vessel (using the Kraken). Captain Davy Jones currently serves Lord Cutler Beckett, that owns Jones’ heart and forcibly controls him and the Flying Dutchman, that will promptly destroy pirate boats with its strong cannons.

Lepin 16016 The Flying Dutchman

Back of the box.

Lepin 16016_001Lepin 16016_004

Have a bad feeling about the color reproduction of the manual.

Lepin 16016_005Lepin 16016_006

Bag 1 of Lepin 16016

Lepin 16016_007Lepin 16016_008Lepin 16016_009

Bag 2.

Lepin 16016_012

Bag zero is among the Numbered 2 bags. However it wasn’t used at all.

Lepin 16016_011

Printed parts of wooden plank. Lepin would make use of them extensively in set 16050 The Old Fishing Store.

Lepin 16016_013

Hate to say this but superglue is needed to prevent this part of build from falling apart.

Lepin 16016_014Lepin 16016_015Lepin 16016_016Lepin 16016_019

Build from the Bag 3.

Lepin 16016_021

Very generous for Lepin to include 12 canons.

Lepin 16016_022Lepin 16016_023Lepin 16016_025Lepin 16016_026

Lepin 16016_027

Bag 4

Lepin 16016_028Lepin 16016_029Lepin 16016_031

Unsure whether Lego had the brown skull head.

Lepin 16016_033Lepin 16016_034

Lots of detailing at the side of the ship.

Lepin 16016_036

Bag 5

Lepin 16016_038Lepin 16016_040

Jack Sparrow sitting on the seat for Davy Jones. In the movie there was a pipe organ but Lepin didn’t include it in the interior. Yes, there are jail rooms at the back of the pirate ship.

Lepin 16016_043Lepin 16016_044Lepin 16016_045Bag 6.Lepin 16016_046Lepin 16016_047Lepin 16016_048Lepin 16016_049

Smaller canons dotting the upper deck of the Flying Dutchman.

Lepin 16016_050Lepin 16016_051Lepin 16016_054

Lepin 16016_055

Lepin 16016_056Lepin 16016_058Lepin 16016_059Lepin 16016_060Lepin 16016_061Lepin 16016_062Lepin 16016_063Lepin 16016_064

Bag Number 8.

Lepin 16016_065

Lepin 16016_066Lepin 16016_067Lepin 16016_068Lepin 16016_070Lepin 16016_071Lepin 16016_072Lepin 16016_075Lepin 16016_076Lepin 16016_077Lepin 16016_078Lepin 16016_079

Bag Number 9 for Captain’s quarter.

Lepin 16016_080Lepin 16016_081Lepin 16016_082Lepin 16016_083Lepin 16016_085Lepin 16016_087Lepin 16016_088Lepin 16016_090

Bag Number 10

BLepin 16016_091Lepin 16016_092Lepin 16016_093

Lepin 16016_094Lepin 16016_095Lepin 16016_097Lepin 16016_099Lepin 16016_100

The octopus is made of soft rubber.

Lepin 16016_101

Bag Number 11 to prepare the sails.

Lepin 16016_102

The sails are semi transparent green color. Perhaps the sails had too many holes.

Lepin 16016_103

Lepin The Flying Dutchman Ship completed. Do note that there were strings for the ship which we were too lazy to install.

Lepin 16016 The Flying Dutchman

Replication of the ship from POTC movie.

Lepin 16016 The Flying DutchmanLepin 16016 The Flying DutchmanLepin 16016_109Lepin 16016_110

There were nine minifigures in this set. However nothing too fancy about them. The printing quality on the minifigures were good.

To sum up:

The end product is a pirate ship that weighted 6 kg. The ship structure is strong and sturdy. A base is included to place the ship. It would be great if pipe organ is included in the set to replicate the scene Davy Jones played the instrument. Minor complaint would be the loose “claws” parts which you need to apply superglue. Highly recommended for lover of LEPIN style pirate ship.

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