Review LEPIN 16042 Silent Mary – Compatible LEGO 71042

Original information

  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Rough Terrain Crane
  • No.: 20085
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 2344
  • Ages: 14+

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Review LEPIN 16042 Silent Mary – Compatible LEGO 71042

Have Bass Reese’s last remaining ship: Silent Marry! I have not seen any movies yet.

Oh! It’s great!

Box photo

The bag … A lot …

I’ll feel it for a long time … The fear of the bag …

Three big sails

There are five small sails.

At first I was frustrated that I didn’t have a number in the bag.

I look more closely

There is a number on the bag !!!

Thank you!!

Now you don’t have to try to find it.

I want to remove the ones I have.

Let’s start with # 1 ~~

Number 1: An eternal captain

Start with making Jack Sparrow.

I’ve finished this far.

I have a skeleton

I don’t think there will be an internal structure other than a regular ship

It is wonderful to look at the outside only.

Over 2,000 pieces!!!

Silent Marry with bag number 13? Finished!

Create it by number

I did it.

I didn’t get it at the last minute.

It’s a fight against mental strength

And the final photo ~!

I finished all the sails ~ ~

It is wonderful ~~

Recommended by all means ~~

Miffy also has 8 …

There are two sharks.

The last

Jack Sparrow and Maryho are being chased by sharks.

The downside is that the ship has no inner parts

I was surprised because it was longer than I thought.

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