Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 – Compatible MOC 42043

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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245
  • No.: 20005
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 2793
  • Ages: 11-16

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Hello everybody!

Since I have found here in the forum no (larger) review of the 20005 Arocs, I would like to put one time.

The Packerl came veeery compressed, but undamaged with me. Only the instructions suffered a bit. The stickers were OK

Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245– Compatible MOC 42043 Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245– Compatible MOC 42043

Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245– Compatible MOC 42043

In total there were 47 bags. Not sorted according to construction stages, but roughly according to part types. Facilitates the search during the construction, or it minimizes the presorting, unfortunately, but then you always have the full number of parts aufm table standing around, which needs some space. Finally, it was summarized then 20 bowls and 8 cups.

Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245– Compatible MOC 42043

20005.5 - BRICK LEPIN

First, I made the pins for testing, as they are known to be one of the weak points of Lepin Technics sets.
– The black 2-pins hold to 100% like the original, here is no difference
– the blue 3-pins feel about 60-70%. Will, I think, early in the construction phase, if they need to be reordered at Bricklink
– The blue 2-axis pins hold on the pin side to 95%, on the axis side to 80% like the original, so should not be a problem when building
– The 3-pin with Stop-Bush hold on both sides like the originals
– The axis pin connectors hold on the axis side to 95% like the originals

Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245– Compatible MOC 42043

Powerfunctions / Pneumatics:
– Engine runs without problems and at normal volume; Initially, minimal grease leaked on the front. But now it is gone
– Battery box looks a bit rickety, the two covers close not as full as the original, but otherwise nothing to complain about
– Pneumatic cylinders are so tight
– Linear actuator runs clean and backlash-free

General parts quality:
From time to time a little bit sharp-edged and occasionally stands a small ridge, but otherwise there’s nothing to moan. The longer lift arms are all dead straight and so far I have not found any broken parts. Only minimal scratch marks on the parts, nothing special.
Too bad: the tires have on the outside unfortunately no label and the surface is unfortunately a bit “misshapen”. However, the tires do not egg when you put them on the rims.

Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245– Compatible MOC 42043

The manufacturing tolerances vary drastically in some types of parts. Let’s see if I can get it properly assembled with the part …

Review LEPIN 20005 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245– Compatible MOC 42043

As already mentioned a bit crumpled due to lack of space and unfortunately not so much the color reproduction of the yellow of the egg. I think that from time to time the digital ones of Moc will have to be used (Addendum: no, did not have to serve) Although the colors were sometimes a bit strange, but never illogical So no problems
In total there are 309 pages. The total number of construction steps can be difficult to determine, since Lepin somehow illogical numbers the construction steps.
It is a pity that at the end there is no overall overview of the installed parts. I always like to take it to count, if everything is there.

Here we go…

Construction section 1 front axle carrier:
The blue 3-pin, despite lower clamping force but sufficient enough to easily build the set. Currently no real need to replace them.
The cylinder blocks of the engine are unfortunately cramped miserable and pretty cool. Here I had to do some work with sandpaper.The engine was initially clumsy, but then somehow in the course of building done by itself, is now running pretty well.
The shots for the wheel axles I have exchanged by original, because otherwise the steering would have been too difficult. Also, I had to rework the gray pin with ball head with sandpaper, otherwise the connection to the counterpart would have been too strong.
Because of fluctuating manufacturing tolerances of the parts often parts have to be matched in pairs. So far, however, all functions are running without problems and the set does not fall off.
Diligence: the cardan joints still need to be assembled. Short nervous moment, if something breaks off. But everything went smoothly, except for the fact that I felt the middle part 500 times flipped from my fingers …

20005.8 - BRICK LEPIN

20005.10 - BRICK LEPIN

20005.11 - BRICK LEPIN

20005.12 - BRICK LEPIN

Construction section 2 control center:
The beige-colored 20er gears I sanded on the front surfaces on both sides with sandpaper. Here, some slight burrs and minor casting errors have led to the fact that the rotational movements always hooked easily.
Assembly itself went very well, only somewhere I have a little too much friction. When I switch the clutch to the pump, the drive for the linear actuator always runs along easily.
The guide rails of the support have also slightly clamped. The red leadership for the excerpt falls slightly in the middle. This jams the red 2-axis when the arm is extended. A slight sanding of the outer flanks on the 2-axis creates a quick remedy.
Otherwise, everything fits together well, and the gearbox runs so far without moaning.

20005.13 - BRICK LEPIN

20005.14 - BRICK LEPIN

20005.15 - BRICK LEPIN

Construction section 3 Rear axle carrier:
Same problem here with the beige colored 20er gears. In addition, the manufacturing tolerances of the Axis / Pin connectors (L3go No. 63869) are quite troublesome for me.
The outlets of the differentials are thus distorted so that the axes would not rotate. Quickly drilled the holes of the light gray axle / pin connectors (L3go No. 32184) with the cordless screwdriver by 0.2 mm. Now works fine.

20005.16 - BRICK LEPIN

Even with the small 12s bevel gears in the differentials, the axle holes had to be reworked a bit, otherwise the diff would have hooked.
The rest of the mechanics works perfectly. Always nice to see with what technical sophistication of the structure of the axle is designed with suspension.

20005.17 - BRICK LEPIN

Construction section 4 swivel arm:
Big lettuce, but nice to build. The hoses can be very well attached to the valves and cylinders, but are all too long by about 10-15mm.Although better than too short, but happy to provide unnecessary loops. Cut to specified length, then it looks reasonable too.
The red looks a bit more gaudy in my photos than the original, but in reality no difference recognizable.

Phase 5 driver’s cab:
Nice: the print on the dashboard. Not nice: the Mercedes star is exactly on, 90 ° twisted imprinted. Must not happen…
The two small mirrors and the small flights at the corners of the front flutter around loosely. Looks just stupid, when everything is rumbling around.
Since nothing more with moving parts or gears is installed here, you only notice the occasional sharp-edged parts that you do not build with the Danish original.
As I said, the sometimes slightly lower holding power of the pins, still does nothing to the point in building. It definitely does not fall off anywhere.

Construction section 6 loading area:
Panels, lift arms, pins. You can not go wrong. Fits everything and assembled the Benz looks just great then.
(Except for the stupid Mercedes star, so really now …)

20005.18 - BRICK LEPIN

Except for the low-performance pump, the set convinces me completely. I rarely had to worry about anything during the whole setup.If something did not fit 100%, you could quickly fix it with the simplest means.
It is very often forgotten when building that one builds stones on the dark side.
I really enjoyed building the set.

Very clear buy recommendation for this (and please buy the original blue pump with it)

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