Review LEPIN 20008 Motorized Bulldozer – Compatible MOC 8275

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  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Motorized Bulldozer
  • No.: 20008
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1384
  • Ages: 11-16

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Construction was pretty fast, has About 3 hours lasted, whereby I am (in the morning) about 30-40 minutes. the parts had been sorted.

20008.1 - BRICK LEPIN

Instructions are good and understandable, in 2-3 places, it was not really clear Recognizable the color of the connectors had (black/blue/gray/yellow/ beige) short look at the “finished” image because there was a certainty.
In addition, a color printed extra page in the manual should prevent an Aufbaufehler at the very beginning. Black instead of a gray rod. The black fits not at all and if you look at the “finished” picture you can clearly see that a shorter gray rod was installed …. is helpful, but would not have been necessary.

The size is “pleasant pleasing” Length approx: 50cm, width approx: 25cm, height approx: 19cm
So fits quite well with the wheel loader and shovel…

20008.2 - BRICK LEPIN

Is a really cool part.
Works as it should: forward / backward, right / left, shield and Ripper can also be raised and lowered – but the FB must be changed (only single FB here) so nothing with drive and at the same time raise / lower ripper.
Kraft has the thing a lot, 40×40 pillow pushes it loosely in the living room on the carpet, pushes a blanket together. The traction is also passable, with a little effort over a “verwurschtelte” ceiling over it.
Should he nevertheless “get tangled up”, one lowers the shield and/or ripper and he raises himself completely about 3cm high

20008.3 - BRICK LEPIN

20008.4 - BRICK LEPIN

20008.5 - BRICK LEPIN

Some parts are left over, schonmal before anyway better than if some are missing
I still had a problem, 1 part was wrong from the sign, since all the bags were original and sealed it is a factory packaging error. 🙁
Will probably use an “original part”

20008.6 - BRICK LEPIN

The part also has the “motor with movable cylinder” because I’ve removed a gear (cylinders are now never moving) and circumvent some “superfluous” mechanics parts, so he funzt mM better… Let’s

See, have not a lot of LEDs lying around, maybe I spend the part a “work lights”


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