Review LEPIN 21001 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van – Compatible with MOC 10220

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✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 21001

✔Compatible: MOC 10220 (Retired)

✔Pieces: 1354

✔Ages: 16 years and above

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Since the content of the 31 bags was not sorted sensibly, the MOC 228 different building block variants (total 1354 pieces) were divided into about 60 shells by color / function / shape to make the assembly clearer. The colored instructions were ‘ wordless’, ie all information was depicted, neither part names, lists nor numbers are given. At least a parts list indicating the number of specific elements would be very useful to check the quantities in advance, unfortunately, something is missing. With my faint-eyed eyes, I sometimes had difficulty in identifying the correct colorful building blocks in the building steps because they were not sufficiently distinguishable in color. Examples are the various gray (black) levels or gray, silver or transparent small parts. The right color choice was not always logically recognizable. Annoying, especially if you later noticed it and replaced parts cumbersome.
But I can well imagine that the original MOC instructions printed in color is better, although I have never seen them.

In the case of the red bricks, I noticed a total of one ‘orange’ sting, as well as a certain unexpected ‘translucency’, ie the red coloration was quite weak. This reminded me spontaneously of my very first MOC building blocks: the first red stones (still WITHOUT the hollow cylinder in the ground!) Were also a little bit translucent, the later versions were darker colored and thus ‘lightfast’. Not so with those lepins who have just that translucent coloration – weird. This effect is not visible on brown, white and so on stones. All surfaces of the stones were scratch-free, the overall fit was good: only very rare
individual stones a little too loose (hubcaps) or even a bit stiff when mating. The tires of this model were a bit hard; That was not the case with the VW Beetle.
Why both MOC and Lepin have missed this bulky ‘terrain tires’ in this VW camper, I can not understand. They are a real break in style, and apparently there are in the range of MOC / Lepin quite more authentic tires, eg. at the above VW Beetle.

The assembly according to instructions is easy and (unfortunately) easy. If you follow the instructions exactly, you can actually make no mistakes, apart from the mentioned color mix-ups. In addition to the typical block stones, this camper also has a whole range of unusual components made of fabric, some of which are also in spray frames known from model construction. This is due to the curious model with its ‘dollhouse’ furniture, which also includes window curtains, flower vase, door handles and a folding roof.
I think that ‘Creator’ models are really children’s toys (from around 8 years old), adults tend to buy these models for nostalgic or ‘collectible’ reasons. The ‘Technic’ models, such as the Porsche 911, seem to be much more demanding.

The greatest challenge in my opinion is in the search for the just needed building blocks of this 3D puzzle.
Whenever this seemed unsuccessful at first, that queasy feeling that I had so often when assembling the Beetle model evolved: will another component be missing ?! More than once I stumbled over the own Fusseligkeit, because individual components of myself pre-sorted poorly, in the large number of bowls were initially lost. Logically, the risk of missing elements increases with the progress of assembly as the number of remaining components continues to decrease. In the end, I really did not have three building blocks, one of them vital for fixing the steering column (1×2 Fork white, 4515337). The other small parts I could exchange by skillful exchange in less visible places, but the trouble remains.
Curiously enough, several other stones are left over in this kit: individual, but also couples, as well as absolutely meaningless plastic parts in spray frames: several pistols and rifles (!), Hairbrushes, bows and a lot of undefinable.

This alone is the most essential fun brake of such kits from the Far East: if something is missing, the procurement of the parts is almost impossible. The dealer will gladly accept the list of missing parts and promise the delivery of these blocks in full bloom. But in the end, he simply passes this list on to Lepin, even if the blocks were wrapped up in sloppy repackaging by the dealer himself. And Lepin then sees little need to provide the end customer with these lost stones. If these are still ‘special stones’ used only in this kit, or very rarely, then the free MOC ‘parts market’ is of little help either; because you will not find them there either. Not even MOC itself had many of the missing parts of the beetle in stock (lapidary ‘not in stock’). Meanwhile, the MOC spare parts page is even locked; you only want to take orders again from mid-February 2017 …
So for me these MOC / Lepin kits are simply unsatisfactory; So model making is not fun. For months, two bodies on the shelf, with an uncertain outcome of the search for spare parts.

since I have never seen the original MOC model myself, I can ultimately only rate this LEPIN version.
For the attractive price (about 1/3 of the MOC list price) you get a pretty appealing looking model of the classic
T1 camper from VW. The loving details especially in the interior of the vehicle are pretty; the model seems more valuable than
the other VW model (Beetle), but has also been conceived on a different scale.1354 blocks are ‘a lot of wood’ (plastic), and therein lies the real challenge of this kit: logistics and good ‘memory’ capabilities (who knows the old card game yet?) or a photographic memory are the essential prerequisites for a fluid construction of the entire model with the more or less well sorted individual components. Anyone who takes their time and only completes 8-10 stages a day will be busy building for weeks. “The Way is the Goal,” as so often happens in life. Once completed, the model is quite an eye-catcher, especially in conjunction with the other VW model (if they were complete ..).

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