Review LEPIN 21002 MINI Cooper – Compatible with MOC 10242

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✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 21002

✔Compatible: MOC 10242

✔Pieces: 1077

✔Ages: 16 years and above

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Simply take this MINI Cooper to get a drive!

Choose the iconic MINI Cooper ! This superbly crafted LEPIN brick replica of this traditional MINI Cooper Mk VII is filled with authentic details, in the traditional green and white color scheme with white wing mirrors along with racing stripes, directly into the opening doors, hood and back, sporty fog lighting, comprehensive motor and different spare tire compartment. You may even remove the roof to access a tan coloured inside with patterned chairs, turning steering wheel, veneer-style dash, along with transferring gearshift and handbrake. And needless to say, no more MINI Cooper will be complete without a picnic basket and basket, the ideal accessories for an enjoyable afternoon at the countryside!

• Lift the hood to reveal the engine details
• Features opening hood, spare wheel in Another compartment, doors and trunk, comprehensive engine and two fog lights

4review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

3review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

2review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

1review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

• Authentic replica of the MINI Cooper Mk VII
• Remove the roofing and get the Comprehensive inside
• Classic white and green colour motif with white wing mirrors along with racing stripes

9review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

8review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

7review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

• Go to a countryside picnic using this iconic classic!
• Accessories contain a picnic basket, blanket and bottle to get nostalgic picnic motif
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and MINI Cooper is approximately 4” (11cm) high, 5” (14cm) wide and 9” (25cm) long

5review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

6review lepin 21002 - BRICK LEPIN

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