Review LEPIN 37002 Borkum Riffgrund – Compatible with MOC 4002015

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✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 37002

✔Compatible: MOC 4002015

✔Pieces: 599

✔Ages: 12 years and above

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[ux_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEbxKnxLxdM&list=PLZ0fyMxciHEVkO1Pn5YtWjceEV98nRUbf”]
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Lepin 37002 01 - BRICK LEPIN

Delivered in the original box, construction and look like MOC

Lepin 37002 02 - BRICK LEPIN

Everything neatly packed in bags but not sorted by stages

Lepin 37002 03 - BRICK LEPIN

in a box 14 bags + building instructions

Lepin 37002 04 - BRICK LEPIN

Somewhat unattractive are the burrs on the tower segments

Lepin 37002 05 - BRICK LEPIN

The base plate for the wind turbine is ready. Fit and strength of the
parts is the original in nothing

Lepin 37002 06 - BRICK LEPIN

The waves and the foundation were put on

Lepin 37002 07 - BRICK LEPIN

The machine house is already finished, not really difficult to build

Now begins the assembly of the bodybuilder, here it is a bit more expensive than the windmill itself

Lepin 37002 08 - BRICK LEPIN

The base plate of the ship has already been built

Lepin 37002 09 - BRICK LEPIN

The first mechanics for the retractable posts of the ship was built.
Here a mistake had crept in, because in the middle had
a gear (in the BA overlooked)

Lepin 37002 10 - BRICK LEPIN

The mechanics were placed on the base plate. Here I noticed the mistake then

Lepin 37002 11 - BRICK LEPIN

second part of the lifting mechanism with base plate for the crane

Lepin 37002 12 - BRICK LEPIN

Both mechanics have now been connected, so the mechanics will run synchronously later

Lepin 37002 13 - BRICK LEPIN

At the back and at the front the guide for the supports was set up and the deck was disguised

Lepin 37002 15 - BRICK LEPIN

The crane is complete

Lepin 37002 16 - BRICK LEPIN

The bridge and the supports are installed and the last side paneling is still missing

Lepin 37002 17 - BRICK LEPIN

Lepin 37002 18 - BRICK LEPIN

Lepin 37002 19 - BRICK LEPIN UTB83OoqyqrFXKJk43Ovq6ybnpXah - BRICK LEPIN

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