Review Star Fort XINGBAO 01106 Fun World Series Ferris Wheel – MOC

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Name: Fun World Series Ferris Wheel

No.: 01106

Listing Date: 2018

Number of parts: 660

Ages: 6+

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Box photo

The packaging design is very simple

reviewxingbao01106 15 - BRICK LEPINThe back of the box is a series of persuasion maps.

reviewxingbao01106 14 - BRICK LEPIN Content

reviewxingbao01106 13 - BRICK LEPIN

Instruction manual

A thin one.

reviewxingbao01106 12 - BRICK LEPIN

reviewxingbao01106 11 - BRICK LEPIN

Parts package

There are 3 steps to subcontract.

reviewxingbao01106 10 - BRICK LEPIN

Assembly process

The first step is to assemble the base.

reviewxingbao01106 9 - BRICK LEPIN

Then there is a lot of repetitive work…

It should be noted here that the rods in the center part do not need to be over-tightened, otherwise the length will be insufficient.

reviewxingbao01106 8 - BRICK LEPIN

It’s done again after a bunch of rework!

Finished multi-faceted photo

reviewxingbao01106 7 - BRICK LEPIN

reviewxingbao01106 6 - BRICK LEPIN

reviewxingbao01106 5 - BRICK LEPIN


Although the volume is smaller, the details can be maintained. See ice cream parlors and benches like here.

reviewxingbao01106 4 - BRICK LEPINOn the other side is the ticket office.

reviewxingbao01106 3 - BRICK LEPIN

reviewxingbao01106 2 - BRICK LEPIN

reviewxingbao01106 1 - BRICK LEPIN

To sum up

Although this is a mini proportion of the SET , but the design is not vague, it reached over 600 levels of brick. However, because of the unique shape of the Ferris wheel, a lot of repetitive work occurs during assembly, which makes the assembly feel a little boring.

In addition, because the shape is very detailed, there are a lot of small parts, and a certain degree will bring a little difficulty to the assembly.

The shortcoming is that the connection between the box and the main body of the Ferris wheel is too tight, and the box is unnatural when the Ferris wheel is rotating.

The overall color is rich, it does not occupy the land, it belongs to a good display.

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