Review XB 01102 Mini China Town 4-in-1(Pagoda/Silk Shop/Private School/Tavern)

Original information

✔Brand Name: XingBao

✔ Item No: XB-01102

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 1502

✔Ages: 12 years and above

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Box photo

A set of 4 sets of packaging.

The four models are Wangjiang Tower , Bufang, Shuyuan and Tea House. Are buildings with a strong Chinese atmosphere~

A section – Wangjiang Tower

There are steps to subcontract, and each item is accompanied by instructions and spare parts.

Since the finished product is not large, the detailed assembly process is omitted.

Finished multi-faceted photo

B section – cloth workshop

Finished multi-faceted photo

Quite a lot of prints.

C section – College

Finished multi-faceted photo

What is the pen of God? This set has a perfect interpretation

D section – Tea House

The only set of corners in the 4 models.

A set of 4 large photos ~

Details section

The color and structure of the 4 models are similar.

In addition to the name and other differences, Wangjianglou has a different feel.

to sum up

A set of mini street scenes that feel good. The most attractive place is believed to be printed bricks!

The finished product is designed to be meticulous in Chinese architecture, and a large number of 1 unit parts are used, so the assembly is very troublesome.

The parts have not been found to be too loose and too tight, but unfortunately, there are no special pieces (all 1 unit), the value of killing meat is not high.

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