Review XINGBAO XB-01022 Chinese Architecture The Wanfu Inn

Original information

✔Brand Name: XingBao

✔ Item No: XB-01022

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 3046

✔Ages: 12 years and above

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Box photo

As a brand representative series, the packaging is of course the highest specification.


I put in the manual, I actually want to vomit for a long time…

The size of the recess is the same as the manual. How do you get it?

Instruction manual


Star Fort has always been a sticker with one of the selling points. The only possibility is that it is used in the design of the cross-brick!

Incidentally, this design of Wanfu Inn does not have the design team of the Chinatown series in the past – the introduction of the ink flute culture, does it mean that this design is not from their hands?

Assembly process

After paving the floor tiles, it was found that the four corners of the bottom plate were slightly tilted.

According to the past “conventions”, if you continue to fight, it will be difficult to get the interior.

So I have to start with strong

The printed paintings are very attractive!

(There are two different styles in this set)

The first floor is completed!

This step is too tiring… I forgot to shoot the interior!

The roof is much slower than the previous ones, and the weight is much lighter.

However, the appearance can also retain the characteristics of Chinese architecture, good!

The last subcontract is them.

International practice, first look at people ~

The accessories on the right side of the sorghum were originally placed on the second floor of the inn.

However, I think it would be better to put it back on the person.

(The scepter won’t take it…)

Heroes and scholars

The design is actually in place, because at a glance it is possible to see what shape it is.

Especially the backpack of the show!

Little two

There is also a horse!

It’s not quite right to look at the horse’s eye position…

Finished multi-faceted photo

Layered structure for easy play.

Another painting mentioned above is here!

The space on the 2nd floor is small and it is difficult to see the details.

to sum up

Overall, it can maintain the same feeling as the past,

Full of the taste of Greater China.

There are also many optimizations in the structure, such as the fact that the floor tiles are no longer fragmented, simplifying the cumbersome and complicated assembly of the roof, etc., and there are other places where you can experience it yourself~ but there are still some places where the structure is not stable, and it needs to be simple. For reinforcement.

Some parts of the parts have also found some problems.

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