Review XingBao XB-18004 12 Chinese Zodiac Buildable Animals Figure

Original information

✔Brand Name: XingBao

✔ Item No: XB-18004

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 3267

✔Ages: 12 years and above

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Box photo

The cover design is like a barrel of bricks, with bricks of different colors as the background, and dogs as the main body, which means that it is listed in the Year of the Dog (2018) (should it be understood?).

The zodiac signs are individually packaged.

Every box has an introduction, but using this font makes reading very difficult…

Ok, let’s take a look at the performance~

A section – RAT 

The design is very image and likable! The performance of the teeth and tongue is very good~

B section – COW 

The styling uses a cow, which has a strong sense of sensation.

In addition, is the flower inserted in the cow x…?

C section – TIGER 

I didn’t even take a separate photo, it was a sin…

But what I want to say is that the shape of this tiger is also quite good!

D section – RABBIT

The shape is also pleasing!

The performance of this tooth is absolutely!

E section – LOONG 

No matter the appearance, structure or shape, this dragon is definitely the best of the twelve!

The mouth also contains beads. “Tenglong Tuzhu” has an excellent meaning, representing auspiciousness and wealth.

The dragon spreads the treasure, and the treasure descends from the sky.

F section – SNAKE

This part does not look like there are 89 pieces…

The structure is the simplest of the twelve…

The shape is not so special.

The head design is good.

G section – HORSE 

The design is very ordinary like a snake, and it feels like other styles are not in a grade…

H section – GOAT 

This can be said to be the most unsatisfactory of the twelve models. The sheep’s body has 24pcs of smooth round grain, and the base. The sheep’s design is extremely simple, and the shape is different from the rest. It is a relatively inferior one. paragraph.

I Section- MONKEY 

Very cute look!

There is another expression on the back! Quite a surprise!

The use of parts is really good!

J section – ROOSTER

Very imagery, the color is also very good.

K section – DOG 

The cute expression is very cute!

The design of the big ear is very interesting.

L section – PIG 

Like a tiger, it is anthropomorphic pig.

Even with special cups…

Family portrait~

to sum up

A very interesting product. With the theme of the 12 Zodiac , in addition to the different assembly designs, there are related idioms on each box , which makes the product more educational , and the idea is very good!

As for the styling, the design of each zodiac is not the same style. I don’t know if it is specially arranged or created by different designers. Among them, the super-class design like the dragon has a clear gap with the Ma and Yang, which makes the overall level unreasonable.

This kind of subject matter is rare, and it is suitable for both young and old. It is also suitable for beginners to lovers!

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