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Hello everyone!
Today, look at a set of SEMBO mobile hot dog car that has been on the market for a while. The finished product is similar to the famous foreign mocer MOC 7, but there are quite a few modifications to the Semper.
Original picture (false)
d17ea893cfdb4adcb242dd9ab0762e7f - BRICK LEPIN
【Box photos】
The packaging is similar to the brand’s traditional style.
96cc7907b460479081f197e998a0d983 - BRICK LEPIN
d7d0cbbf93884f7683edb143ae1aec12 - BRICK LEPIN

There are 3 minifigures in total.
aac1737afc854139876d990da1617408 - BRICK LEPIN
4063ca2945b8461bbc2c40fe7f2c6b5a - BRICK LEPIN
f325fab2d8c34096864d97f4c402e746 - BRICK LEPIN
【Parts package】
There are 3 steps to subcontract.
8021b46d805e457bb41c34a2f798477c - BRICK LEPIN
The numbers on the bags represent:
Subcontract number. Packing number. Product number
229b788bdf154fd28ad7dbd7f45abdce - BRICK LEPIN
There is also a shared bag with stickers and cotton cloth inside.
f18320e3614a4df4a9fbe0f471211c12 - BRICK LEPIN
The sticker is transparent and the quality is very good!
Another box contains cotton cloth.
5f978701baaf4ce9b8cead57d46d8473 - BRICK LEPIN
【Assembly process】
55cc7cc31e8544739ea9867df97258f0 - BRICK LEPIN
761731804ab14bae80ee1eea5e532256 - BRICK LEPIN
809ccf5446de4f0793bece41a72152c7 - BRICK LEPIN
[International practice, let ’s look at the minifigures first]
Very personalized minifigures.
a1aa266a23584b319a6df85a485d8176 - BRICK LEPIN
29722f28d294460e8d6d2d949d2ab81f - BRICK LEPIN
【Multi-faceted photos of finished products】
The appearance of the finished product is a little different from the original in color matching. Senbao also has a sunshade canopy made of cotton cloth.
70670d0e5cd3482699f2cd07f3b3fe57 - BRICK LEPIN
fb9b7af05f674ee693e8bc6573648e17 - BRICK LEPIN
54935db84c514066ad2a6b3552d007f9 - BRICK LEPIN
67e6e627dfe04fd29e13978f8ec15277 - BRICK LEPIN
bc27c6631ba24f61ad147a73e7abb3dc - BRICK LEPIN
01821e211829422384563de44e4b0d8c - BRICK LEPIN
0e72eb8e1d114e7e9f9a0ea1df7a92f8 - BRICK LEPIN
The appearance of the design is more stable, without fancy decoration.
af594dad0f864731988e91f3fd06d302 - BRICK LEPIN
Decorated with stickers on the door.
8adbc44e87414c8794a4f1281f4966c9 - BRICK LEPIN
026b665410ab449a99dd7744053ab6c1 - BRICK LEPIN
8-frame wide body, so it is natural to make a double-row seat.
61ff23b84b6943f7a89394f70d92fac3 - BRICK LEPIN
“Facade” looks quite flavorful.
994170fca59847b896802a8f6da9741c - BRICK LEPIN
Stickers were used in the price list.
35199404290c427ca77695eab123ad48 - BRICK LEPIN
There is a sausage maker inside. (I feel like something is wrong with this clip?
386dcb15370d4dd58b48b2e24f7eeed4 - BRICK LEPIN
0fe691b8fc114a71880b018a30c07812 - BRICK LEPIN
The effect of the canopy made of cotton cloth is actually quite general.
77db6533633e4ecf8722b9a1cf72bf45 - BRICK LEPIN
The rear of the car is also relatively simple.
10e47acea0f9471d94262afbf7b614ff - BRICK LEPIN
There is a door on the right side of the car.
d38b1eafe65148e580f77e99f5b76190 - BRICK LEPIN
The big signboard on the roof is definitely the most eye-catching place.
8c8fe1da99f7424584c1bd464f5b43dc - BRICK LEPIN
However, the hinge between “HOT” and “DOG” cannot be supported at the same angle as the cover.
779306770a434c688bbff89b03132c28 - BRICK LEPIN
288a0b74b6204c2ab89db61b3868a499 - BRICK LEPIN
The puppy shape retains the essence of the original.
298c29a008e0414e8a1f2ec6e3230fd1 - BRICK LEPIN
cceda20cbbbd4b408143c7e99b095904 - BRICK LEPIN
【to sum up】
Senbao made some modifications to the product using the original styling. Among them, the interior has been simplified a lot, which may feel incomplete. However, it is undeniable that the original design is too attractive, and not everyone can do it by restoring the time and energy spent. For players with requirements, the simpler method is to use this set as the basis, and then perfect it is even simpler!
Most of the parts are made of high bricks, and the appearance is first-class. The matching minifigures are also very urban, so the overall performance is quite good.
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