Top 3 Loz Diamond Blocks 2018

Table of Contents

1. LOZ Burj Khalifa Tower



  • 890 block mean you can create a towering replica of an iconic establishing (44.5cm extreme)
  • That’s one spectacular model – get the Burj Khalifa Tower in your own home!
  • See the world’s most well-known landmarks with out ever leaving dwelling
  • Comprises easy-to-follow instructions with photos (widespread)

2. LOZ Easter Island


  • Brand: LOZ
  • Name: LOZ Easter Island
  • Cate: LOZ Architecture Diamond Blocks
  • Number of parts: 440 bricks Instructions Box: optional
  • Ages: 6+


  • Replicate the mysterious Easter Island Heads with 440 brick in genuine colours
  • This trio of monuments appears to be like so real looking and stands on an 8x8cm show base
  • Return in time to historic civilizations with the Easter Island heads and the Nice Sphinx of Giza.

3. LOZ Great Sphinx of Giza



  • Assemble this breathtaking historic monument from 330 block in real colors
  • That could be a highly effective multi-part model full with copy pyramid and Sphinx
  • Return in time to historic civilizations with  the Great Sphinx of Giza

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