What is nano tape?

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Inspiration of Nano Magic Tape.

Mother Nature has given the gecko one of these amazing abilities: Adhesion on nearly all types of surfaces. Moreover, in addition to their adhesive properties, they are also very dry, powerful, self-cleaning and especially reusable. The structure of their toes makes them to move on any surface, even in environments with high humidity. Their feet are made up of millions of incredibly small hairs (about 14,000 fibers per square millimeter) and branched into thousands of nano-sized adhesive sheets.

This allows the gecko to create an extremely large contact area when in contact with surfaces and under the Van der Waals force, resulting in an extremely large bonding force. Tests have shown that the bonding force can be up to 100 newtons per square centimeter, allowing a weight of up to 1.4 kg to be held with a contact area of 16 square millimeters.


We can better understand the Van der Waals force through the “Seperating book” experiment.

Due to the size of the hairs being smaller than the size of dust particles, when the gecko moves, the skin is composed of vertical tubes that will cause most of the large-sized dust to fall off the skin, helping them to retain about 80-100% of the bonding ability during your next contact.

A microscope image of the nano tape with some of the larger dirt

This is not possible if the hairs are too large. In this case, only 30% of the adhesion is retained, making the gecko skin unable to be reused again and again.

A microscope image of the tape with bigger hair and small sphere

This has inspired scientists to find and apply these properties to life. That’s why Nano Magic Tape aka Nano Tape came into being.


Defination of Nano Magic Tape

Nano magic tape is a new generation of adhesive tapes, maybe the best tapes ever, helping to eliminate many of the disadvantages of conventional tapes, while improving the ability to adhere to objects, and allowing reuse. Nano tape uses nanotechnology and the Van der Waals force, which is made up of microscopic carbon fibers arranged in a vertical line, thus making them adhere to all types of terrain. Thanks to the above nanofibers, with the right method, the nano tape can be easily removed and cleaned, making it reusable up to 600 times and can be used on both sides. Because of the above reasons, Nano Tape is also known by many other names such as adhesive tape or reusable tape.

Nano Magic Tape’s Applications in Life

Carbon-nanotube as well as nano magic tape have many applications in all areas of life. Firstly, nano tape helps to bond most objects in every surface, such as wall, floor and so on. You can use nano tape to hang pictures, decorations and posters, hang tool hooks, fix table leg, fix furniture, car stickers, fix mat positions… Secondly, thanks to the ability to self-clean and reuse many times, the application of nano tape is also possible. applicable in both geographic areas. Because of self-clean ability, wall climbing robots using nano tape can completely travel on steep or dirty terrain for very long distances.


So, what is its advantage and disadvantage?

Compared with most other conventional tapes, nano magic tapes have many advantages, for example:


Adhesion ability:

Nano Tape is better adhesive than most traditional tapes. As mentioned above, with only a very small contact area (4mmx4mm), the adhesive tape can completely help hold items weighing up to 1.4kg on different types of surfaces while others are difficult to carry.



Traditional tapes are usually made up of two components: the crust is paper or plastic, and the adhesive is water or a solvent. Therefore, after being used for a while, the old adhesive layers, when peeled off, often leave residues behind.

Residue after removal of the traditional tapes

However, nano tape uses a nanofiber structure and applies Van der Waals force that leaves no trace on the surface when peeled off, helping to preserve the aesthetics of your utensils and surfaces in your home. Furthemore, though of its adhesion, the tape is easily removable and will not harm your surfaces.

Washable and Reusable

Because of its unique structure for post-use self-cleaning, the nano magic tape can be reused up to 600 times after being peeled off the surface. All you have to do is gently rinse the patch with clean water and let it dry, then reuse it next time. No traditional tapes can do this, they usually lose their effect after 1 to 2 uses.


Surface conditions: Unlike traditional tapes that require quite a lot of surface conditions such as: must be dry, clean …, and cannot be used on moist surfaces, nano tape can be used well in almost surface conditions without losing of adhesion (Of course clean and smoothy surface is recommended).


Temperature resistance: Nano tape has much better heat resistance than conventional tapes and can still maintain adhesion at high or low temperatures. Normally, it can work well in a temperature range from -16 to 62 Celsius Degree.

More information: https://nano-tape.com/

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